Simple Procurement (valued up to and including $550,000)

Policies and Guidelines:

Simple Procurement Policy (723KB)

Planning and Approval Templates:

Simple Acquisition Plan Template (34KB)

Simple Purchase Recommendation Template (34KB)

Simple Procurement Report Template (34KB)

Market Approach and Contract Templates:

Request for Quote Template (83KB)

The Standard Goods and Services Contract Template is suitable for all low to medium risk, non-complex goods and/or services procurements.

Minor Works Agreement Template (75 KB)

Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (37KB)

Other Useful Templates/Guidance:

Simple Evaluation Plan Template (45KB)

SAicorp Government Contracts A Guide to the Insurance and Liability Issues

Aboriginal Economic Participation

Under the Industry Participation Policy, public authorities can procure directly from eligible Aboriginal businesses, up to the value of $220,000, where that business meets certain criteria set out in the procedural guidelines supporting the policy, and provides value for money.

Further information about the policy and eligible Aboriginal businesses is available in the Industry Participation Policy Procedural Guidelines (refer to section 4.5).