Procurement Training & Development


The State Procurement Board (the Board) acknowledges the importance of capability building as a key result area in its strategic planning. This aligns with its obligations under the State Procurement Act 2004, in particular, the requirement “to assist in the development and delivery of training and development courses and activities relevant to the procurement operations of public authorities”.

As a consequence of the Board’s collaboration with the training sector, there are now greater learning opportunities in the area of procurement training and development.

As a result of the 2016 SkillsGAP Analysis exercise the Board is introducing a number of new 'Targeted Training Program' courses to build on the current suite of courses and to offer a chance of addressing procurement skills gaps as identified through the 2016 SkillsGAP Analysis exercise.

The Targeted Procurement Training Program

The Board's "Targeted Procurement Training Program" has been developed to provide an opportunity to grow State Government officers understanding and skills in procurement. The new July - December 2017 course calendar and Summary of Learning Outcomes is provided on the website under the Target Training program tab. Training course registrations and payments by credit card will be available from Wednesday 28 June 2017. Please diarise the courses you would like to complete in preparation for registering from this date. 

If you wish to proceed directly to registration via the SPB Shop, go to (this link must be accessed via Google Chrome).